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What is Vastu - Dr. Vaishali Gupta

What is Vastu ?

compass, map, direction

Vastushastra or sthaptya veda found its first mention in “bhagwatam” by Ved Vyasa and is almost a 5000 years old treatise. Vastu shastra may broadly be defined as the science of construction, which lays emphasis on making structures that conform to the laws of nature and gives an elaborate view on how laws of nature affect human dwellings.

The main factors taken into consideration in the science of vastushastra are the five great elements or the panchmahabhootas –air /water/ether/fire/earth and the 4main directions and 4 sub directions . The science of Vastu advises us to make structures which are aligned in such a way, that benefits of all five gr8 elements and 8 directions are utilized to create a congenial living and working environment..thereby facilitating spiritual well being and paving way for enhanced health, wealth and prosperity.

To start with, vastu shastra believes that once an open space gets embodied in 4 walls , it develops a character of its own and starts vibrating with energy ; positive or negative ..depending upon its orientation , openings , water sources, and other vastulogical factors . Vastu shastra , then, aims at creating structures which create a harmony between …MAN- HIS DWELLING-& THE COSMOS by balancing the source and sink energies with in the structure.

Vastu shastra is non religious ,intercultural, and aims at overall wellness of mankind .It should be noted that Vastushshastra is not bound just to the Indian subcontinent, but has also found huge acceptance in USA, Europe, Australia and other parts of the world due to its global appeal, scientific basis and universal application.

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