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Vastu Zones - Dr. Vaishali Gupta

Vastu Zones


There are 8 zones in vastu & brahmasthana and each zone has its own virtue ,stands for a particular element and is ruled by a planet & deity. These zones act on various areas of the occupants life like finances, relationships, health , stability etc. and any imbalance in these zones can adversely affect the virtue ,that the zone stands for ,in the owners life.

NORTH : This is called the kubersthana in vastu and its ruling planet is mercury and presiding deity is lord “kubera” – the god of wealth and it stands for the water element . North is the zone of incoming money and wealth. It is also upto some extent the zone of healing. Since it is ruled by mercury it also stands for communication and intelligence . denoted by water element it is also the zone of opputunities and everflowing new ideas.

EAST : This is called the indrasthana in vastushastra and its ruling planet is sun.Its presiding deity is lord indra . East is the zone of knowledge, family generation, and socio-political connections. If the east zone is well balanced it can bestow royalty, name and fame in the occupants life. Ruled by lord indra it also brings knowledge and sanskaar in the family.

SOUTH : South is called the yamasthana & this direction is ruled by planet mars and its presiding deity is Yama – the god of death. South zone stands for stability, dharma, and relaxation. Since it is ruled by mars it also denotes courage and authority. Sun is at its peak in south and it therefore stands for fame . south is the direction of our ancestors, freedom of thought and its imbalance may adversely affect the master and his habits.

WEST: This direction is ruled by the planet Saturn and its ruling deity is varundev. West is the direction of increase or decrease in friends, spiritual gains through learning in life, sense of responsibility & judgement ..and profits. West direction also controls money outflow, and is a good zone for placing students.

NORTH EAST : this zone is called the “Ishan” zone and is the most potent and auspicious zone of any structure and bestows overall prosperityto inmates. Ruled by lord shiva – the god himself, this zone is governed by planet Jupiter. NE stands for water element in vastushastra and gets new ideas , mental sharpness and wisdom. This is also the zone of prosperity at financial, spiritual, emotional and physical level of human existence. Ishan zone also helps you connect with your guardian angels or spiritual guides and a strong ishan zone can lead you to higher levels of consciousness.

SOUTH EAST: SE in vastu is known as the agneya zone and is ruled by the fire element. This zone is governed by planet venus and its lord is agnidev. If this zone is well balanced, it leads to spark, energy and health & gets in good disposable cash. Venus stands for feminine energy in astrology and this is a very important zone for strengthening female energy.

NORTH WEST : northwest is known as the vayuvaya zone in vastu and its lord is vayudev. This zone is ruled by moon and it stands for the air element in vastu. This is the zone of relationships, loyalty, disputes, thefts and also new oppurtunities and support from financial institutions. Since it is ruled by moon , the controller of mind, this zone also governs ups and downs of moods. NW zone governs romance, passion and sexual fantasies also . Any imbalance here disturbs the air element and leads to restlessness, instability and indecisiveness in life.

SOUTH WEST : this zone is known as the nairutya zone in vastu and it stands for the earth element in vastu. This zone is ruled by nairuti dev and its governing planet is rahu. Southwest zone stands for the master, and governs the relationship stability of a married couple. It is also the zone of stability and power and also stands for skills at work. Too much of expense is controlled by balancing this zone and it also denotes our ancestors and their blessings.

BRAHMASTHANA  : this is the central zone of any house and consists of the 9 central grids of the paramsayika mandal. The central bindu of the brahmasthana is also called the brahmanabhi and it is the area of the vastu purusha / vastu god’s navel and it stands for the space element in vastushastra. This is the central control zone and if this zone is strong and well balanced , then it can lead to overall growth and progress.

If we further divide the zones into sub sub zones then 16 vastu zones are taken into consideration while doing the detailed vastu analysis of any premise . These 16 zones are given below –

North-East (NE)

East of North-East (ENE)

East (E)

East of South-East (ESE)

South-East (SE)

South of South-East (SSE)

South (S)

South of South-West (SSW)

South-West (SW)

West of South-West (WSW)

West (W)

West of North-West (WNW)

North-West (NW)

North of North-West (NNW)

North (N)

North of North-East (NNE)

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