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Vastu Science - Dr. Vaishali Gupta


“Vastu Shastra or Sthapatyaveda , according to me engulfs Science, Technology and Art all together. Five elemental balance and balance of energies is the science, correction through energized yantras is technology and aesthetics & colour balance is the art “ – Dr. Vaishali Gupta

  •  Vastu Shastra principles take into consideration the various forms of cosmic energies, the movement of sun, the panchmahabhootas, the electromagnetic fields, the movement of earth and last but not the least the native’s own natal chart and keeping all these factors vastu audit is done.
  • Vastu surely goes beyond just the placement of various rooms and it is a process of balancing the energy helix by striking a balance between the source and sink energies of a house.
  • NE is a very potentially positive sector of any structure , even more than the east itself because of the 23.5 deg tilt of the earth on its axis and it is therefore important that a house is made in such a way that NE sector is open and light.
  • NE is also the zone from which the highly beneficial rays of solar spectrum enter any house and is the zone of highest source energy.
  • SW on the other hand is the earth zone which should preferably have minimum openings for stabilisation of positive energies in the structure.
  • If the energy helix is balanced and the positive energy potential of a house is more that the negative, the whole house vibrates with positivity, peace , health and prosperity


Dr.  Vaishali Gupta is a certified pyramid vastu expert and pyramids are one of the major tools that she uses for correcting the energies in structures where demolition is not a possibility. The Yantras can be in different materials and are placed differently in the clients homes & offices according the vastu dosha present. These pyramids are first energised at multi levels with mantras and then at an auspicious muhurtha , these pyramid yantras are installed in the client’s premises with an elaborate pujan.
Vaishali Ji says “Just as a cell phone is of no use unless it is charged, similar is the case with yantras ; they become potent only once they are energised with mantras.”
Pyramids and their power can be traced back to Egyptian culture and the energy that they house with in themselves can be well imagined by the fact that the mummies remained intact in them for years and years….such is the power of this yantra !! The sacred geometry of pyramids have been used by enlightened societies around the world in construction of their worship places like temples, mosques , churches etc.

Some astonishing effects of pyramids :

  •  Flowers grew better and faster within Pyramid Space as compared to out-side.
  •  Fruit and Food products had longer shelf life within Pyramid Space.
  •  Foods (coffee, fruit, etc) improved in taste and flavor when stored within Pyramid Space.
  •  A shaving blade stored within Pyramid Space could be used for 100 shaves as compared to an un-energized blade, which could not be used after 2 shaves.
  •   All dead animals placed within Pyramid Space did not decay for several weeks.
  •  Those who used his scale model Pyramid reported better sleep, improved meditation, reduced fatigue, relief in symptoms of aches and pains, asthma, etc.
  •   When the result of these experiments were presented to the world, thousands around the world began to research Pyramid Energy Systems.

Pyramid Energy System, was found to have application in

  • 1. Healing
  • 2. Agro-products to increase the yield and quality of crop;
  • 3. Ionizing air particles for cleaner environment;
  • 4. Energizing drinking water for better health and digestion;
  • 5. Re-charging dry battery cells;
  • 6. Polishing tarnished jewelry;
  • 7. Relieving fatigue and tension;
  • 8. Meditation; etc.

Pyramid acts like an antenna. It captures geological, biological, and cosmic Energy Particles. So if the Energy Particles captured by the Pyramid happens to be Negative (weak) – then the Energy Force Field will be Negative. This is why proper knowledge of Pendulum Dowsing System is most essential before venturing into making of Pyramid Energy System.Energy Force Field of our home and work place will drain our bio-energy (physical and mental) if it is Negative. This will cause fatigue and tension dis-proportionate to our activity and situation. Over a period one will become tension prone, irritable, angry, and depressed. The decision making ability, inter-personal relations, and performance will become impaired. Such person will not enjoy life nor be at peace with himself despite having all material comforts of life.
By placing appropriate Pyramid Energy System, the Energy Force Field of the land and building will be transformed into Positive (strong or healthy) and the person’s bio-energy will now be supplemented instead of being depleted. So he will feel less fatigue and tension and will have surplus energy to meet the demands and pressures of daily work/life.As he will have surplus energy, he will be less agitated by problem situations. So less irritated – less angry – less depressed – over a period this leads to better decisions, harmony, inter-personal relations, performance. So more satisfaction in life/work leading to harmony and happiness.
People in Positive Energy Force Field get better sleep, live healthier life, are more satisfied, meditate better, have greater immunity against stress, fatigue, infection, and disease.

Pyramid can be used by:-

  •  Keeping them underground
  •  Simply placing them on the bed side table
  •   Hanging two dimensional Pyramid Geometric Energy Patterns on any wall of your home or office or factory
  •   Placing under the bed or inside your cupboard
  •  Placing Pre-Energized 2 dimensional cards (like visiting cards) inside the shirt pocket or wallet or purse
  •   Drinking water energized within Pre-Energized Copper Glass
  •  Sticking Pre-Energized stickers on the TV, AC, Cars
  •  Tele-Therapy


“I fully believe we should make vastu compliant structures….which also means creating buildings which take full responsibility of the environment and health of people residing in them.” – Dr. Vaishali Gupta

The energy fields of gadgets can disturb the electric impulses being carried in the body leading to disturbed sleep and health issues….says Vaishali.

  •  Keep a constant check on dust mites in mattresses.
  •  Switch off all lights in the room while sleeping.
  •  Do not use night lamps
  •   Do not to charge mobile phones near the bed .

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