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It is a common experience with all of us that when we enter some houses , we feel a sense of positivity and peace ; where as certain houses are not very welcoming and we donot feel very good inside them..& prefer to leave at the earliest !!

It may be due to faulty vastu construction or interiors which donot conform to vastu principles or both. There are 8 directions in vastu and each direction has a ruling planet and all 9 planets are mapped in a natives horoscope. In vastu shastra ,while doing interiors we try and use elements and colours which are in accordance to the natives astro-vastu chart and avoid using colours,shapes and forms which are anti-elements for the owner & his family. While choosing colours vastu advises us to take the 8 directions and exaltation/debilitation of planets into consideration for best results in finances, health, mental & spiritual well being & overall prosperity. In short Vastushastra says that once we construct a structure in accordance to the laws of nature , its interiors should be done in such a way that it adds to the divine ambience of the dwelling. Vastu shastra apart from giving mathematical formulae for construction (ayadi shadvarga ) also lays emphasis on other factors like classical aesthetics and principles of rhythm, balance and resonance etc.

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